Spotlight on the Red Cross Club at Notre Dame

As the school year has quickly come to a close for many, numerous American Red Cross youth volunteers can reflect on an outstanding school year of giving back to communities and saving lives.

The American Red Cross Club of Notre Dame is one group that continues to set a great example year after year. Not only do club members participate in blood drives and various community activities, they also have their very own Disaster Action Team (DAT). The DAT  is made up of students who provide relief to victims of disasters in the local community. Whether it be house fires, tornados or any other type of disaster, the team is trained to respond and are ready to take action at all times.

This past school year alone, over 70 students have taken the opportunity to volunteer through the DAT at Notre Dame. The students are on call several  hours each semester. What a great way to make a difference!

Take a few moments and reflect on how you’ve made a difference this past school year by volunteering with the American Red Cross. What types of projects do you hope to do again next year? Even though summer has arrived, it’s never too early to plan ahead!

~ Anna Bevington

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