Farewell to Alison Inceu

Alison will be taking off one-year from the Council as she will be studying abroad in Argentina for the school year 2012-2013.  We are happy to say that she will be joining us again when she comes back!

“As a Red Crosser and National Youth Council member that has thoroughly enjoyed her service to the American Red Cross in the past several months and years, I am a little nostalgic to be leaving the National Youth Council for the academic year 2012-2013. However, as an international affairs, sociocultural anthropology, and Spanish literature student, I consider it crucial to my academic, professional, and personal development that I study for the upcoming academic year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I will be enrolling in the Universidad Catolica Argentina. During my study abroad experience I plan to intern with a local non-profit organization that aids local children and contributes to the development of the region, conduct research for my senior thesis, and learn how to tango. After the conclusion of my Argentine year in July 2013, I plan and look forward to returning to the National Youth Council for my third term year.”

~Alison Inceu

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