Farewell to Brie Stark!

Brie, an NYC member from 2011-2012, will be rotating off the Council and go to graduate school in England this Fall.

I came on the NYC not knowing what to expect and found myself pleasantly surprised by the amount of professionalism and respect displayed by my fellow members, and by the value given to us by individuals and departments at National Headquarters and in the field. 

The last year on the Council has been a whirlwind for me, and one that I’ll cherish for a very long time.  Not only did the NYC come up with the idea for “Connect Tour” (a national workshop to connect the NYC to youth in the field), my working group—following many hours of hard work—actually launched it, completing several trial runs around the country.  Keep on the lookout for a Connect Tour near you!

The NYC has been a pivotal experience for my personal and professional growth, and one that has allotted to me opportunities that I never would have had the chance to pursue, such as speaking at an international youth volunteerism conference in Barranquilla, Colombia.  I am the recent winner of a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at Cambridge this coming September (hence my earlier transition off of the NYC), and I know, without a doubt, that I never would have been selected to receive this scholarship if not for the people and experiences that NYC exposed me to throughout my tenure. 

            As I transition off to begin my graduate studies in England, I will be assuming a “youth consultant” role on the NYC.  Therefore, I’ll be available for brainstorming and project development as well as continued work with Connect Tour, but I won’t hold an official spot on the Council as one of the 13-members.  While in England, I’ll be working closely with the British Red Cross on their youth development program, and hope to broaden my experiences!

            So, here’s to you, National Youth Council and the American Red Cross – thank you for inspiring me to believe that I can make a difference and for giving me the tools to do so.”

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