Farewell to Saajan Bhakta!

Saajan Bhakta, an NYC member for 2011-2012, will be continuing fulfilling the Red Cross mission in his region by being on the Executive Board of Directors!

“As I step down from NYC, I am not stepping down from American Red Cross. I will continue planning and coordinating blood drives in my community. Starting in October, I will also be working with my regional Executive board to improve blood collections rates. Having a brother who went through cancer, I understand the importance of blood. Blood donation will always be near and dear in my heart. I will also play a key role in introducing American Red Cross to the university that I will be attending.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to serve on the board of this fine organization for the past year, and I offer my best wishes for its continued success. I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every council member for teaching me valuable lessons, creating friendships, and most of all, a once in a lifetime opportunity! I know my time on the council has been short lived, but it will forever live in my heart. I truly look forward to all of the great things that NYC has in store.”    

 ~Saajan Bhakta


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