National Youth Council Meeting Recap

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This past weekend, the National Youth Council met with various people from National Headquarters to discuss the future role of youth and where we are headed.  We met with and listened to presentations from top leaders in Biomedical Services, Health and Safety Services, and Marketing.  Jim Starr, the VP of Humanitarian Services, came to the National Youth Council with a “National Youth Strategy,” a direction of different areas he sees youth being involved in.  At the conclusion of our meeting, we determined that the three main focus areas for youth should be Biomedical, Preparedness, and Fundraising.  Over the next few months, the National Youth Council will be creating a plan of how exactly we will increase youth involvement in these areas. If you are interested in doing community events in these areas right now, here are some ideas!

You don’t have to be in school to start a blood drive!  Blood donation drops significantly during the summer, and currently we are at a critical low for Type O negative.  If you are interested in starting a blood drive in your community, you can look here for more direction!

Want to get your community prepared for the next disaster?  Look here for what you can do in different types of disasters and give community talks on the types that affect your area the most.

You can fundraise for the Red Cross in a variety of ways!  Host a dance marathon, or a fun run.  If it seems like too much planning, you can always set up a booth and a donation bucket in front of stores, such as your local grocery store, or the mall.  You must always ask for permission before setting up a booth, but more often than not, people are always willing to donate to the American Red Cross!

At the end of the summer, the National Youth Council, in collaboration with Headquarters, will be rolling out activity guides for clubs so that if you don’t know what you can do, you can look to our guides for help!  Have a great weekend everyone, and stay involved!

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