Our New Members Thoughts on Their First National Youth Council Meeting!

My first experience on the council was this past weekend at our first meeting in Washington D.C.! What remarkable time it was. Being a new member, I had no idea what to expect and I believe it surpassed anything I could have expected. Being from a small town in North Carolina, it was a really new experience for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only was our meeting fun and exciting, but productive and focused as well; a combination of adjectives that all put together are very hard to accomplish. It was great meeting everyone and astounding to see such a new council of people working so well together. I am excited to work on the youth strategy and to unite youth across the country underneath the American Red Cross!
All in all, I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I am glad to see that we have a council of friends that is going to have a productive and impacting future.

My first National Youth Council meeting was a great introduction to the Council as well as National Headquarters! While I was unsure of what to expect, I had a great experience and came away with a lot of optimism about the future of youth involvement with the Red Cross. The other members of the National Youth Council are amazing individuals who are truly passionate about the Red Cross, and getting to know them through conversation and team building activities was my favorite part of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, though I realized that there is a lot of work ahead, I was definitely very excited about being on the Council and working with the other members!

My first NYC meeting was a wonderful experience. It was four full days infused with all things Red Cross and I could not have had a better time. Having been involved with the organization for six years now, coming to the Council allows me to add a different perspective to my Red Cross experiences and hopefully will impact youth across the nation in an effective and productive manner. After myriad presentations and updates, we were able to formulate a working plan and I’m looking forward to carrying out our plans and see how they turn out! It’ll be an exciting year and we’ll be busy, but at the end of the day, joining the Council has made me realize that I truly do enjoy living and breathing Red Cross!


My first experience with the Red Cross was during my senior year of high school when I sponsored a blood drive in my community. I fell in love with the organization’s and mission and have become more involved sense. During my freshman year at The Ohio State University I joined the American Red Cross Club and experienced the Red Cross in a whole new atmosphere. I was selected to serve as the Blood Services Chair during my sophomore year and the President my junior year. Both positions gave me incredible insight into the organization. I am incredibly excited to begin work on the Blood Exploratory group on the National Youth Council.

Like many of the other new council members, I was shocked and honored to be accepted on to the National Youth Council. Having previously only worked at a club and district level in Los Angeles, California my biggest challenge at the meeting was adapting to think on a National level. However, after fantastic presentations by Headquarters representatives and meeting the council members I was able to adapt. I am excited to be a part of the NYC family for two main reasons: first, I have never been surrounded by so many talented, passionate, and intellectual people, and second, because we have a lot of new ideas and programs coming out that I know will really help youth jump-start into a better volunteering experience this coming year.


Being on the National Youth Council has been an amazing experience, and it has only been a couple weeks! Our first meeting was a great mix of productivity, team building, and fun. Originally from Augusta, GA, my Red Cross background is at the chapter level, serving as President of my local Youth Board. I consider myself extremely blessed to be a part of this incredible opportunity, and I look forward to serving on the NYC for the next three years!

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