An Independence Day for the Fighters

We all know that Fourth of July is a day of celebration of America’s independence, but in wildfire affected towns in Colorado Springs, it was a day of appreciation for the firefighters and the American Red Cross.  In the town of Fort Collins, parade goers cheered as the Independence Day Parade ended with four emergency vehicles; one American Red Cross emergency response vehicle and three fire trucks.  The residents all appreciated the work the responders did in their town and the communities around them, battling blazes and giving care to those who were evacuated and lost their homes in the deadly fires.  President Obama visited a Red Cross evacuation center in Waldo Canyon to let residents know they are not being forgotten about and in his weekly address, he said “For those of you who can provide some help, you should get on the online site of the American Red Cross.”

So with that said, what are you doing to help the Colorado Springs wildfire victims?  We want to know what you, your family, your club, or your community is doing to support this devastating disaster and even feature your efforts on the next issue of Youthwire!

Don’t forget that the American Red Cross Shelter App is free for download for Apple products and the new First Aid App is free for Apple and Android users!  Share that with family and friends in disaster stricken areas.

Jeffrey Su

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