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Hey Everyone!  So we asked in our YouthWire newsletter to send in your questions to us, and we have our first question!


Q: What kind of fundraising event can I do that will bring a lot of money in?

A: That’s a good question!  During the summer, Red Cross clubs are on break and it may be harder for chapters to raise money.  I think the most popular fundraisers for youth are ones that don’t ask for a lot of money from each individual.  One particular event that youth service programs can do is sell red cross pins.  They cost less than 50 cents and can be sold for a dollar.  Selling them attached to cards with info about local disasters can help raise awareness in the community as well as raise money.  One of our National Youth Council members called it “Pins for Preparedness!”  Regardless of what you use the pins for, selling them for a dollar is a very simple and easy way to raise money, because most people will not hesitate to donate so little.  Good luck!


~Sarah White
National Youth Council member

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