Give Kudos To People Who Have Taken a Red Cross Action


The American Red Cross has hundreds of thousands of volunteers that take the Red Cross call to action everyday. If you want to help the Red Cross appreciate and acknowledge our dedicated volunteers, follow these steps to send them a thank you.

Use your Twitter account to thank people who have given blood, donated money, or taken a course.

1.Log in to your personal Twitter account or open your Twitter application of choice (Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc)

2.Search Twitter for people who mention “redcross” “red cross” and/or “blood” “CPR” “donate”

3.When you find someone who is reporting that he/she has just given blood, passed a CPR course, or donated money, send him/her a quick tweet of thanks.


  • Hi @_____ I’m Joe, a @redcross volunteer. Thanks for giving blood today
  • High five, @______ – thanks for giving blood today
  • You’re a lifesaver, @_______ – thank you for donating blood today


  • Hi @_____ I’m Joe, a @RedCross volunteer. Congratulations on your CPR certification. Thanks for being a prepared part of your community.
  • Way to go, @______ – now you’re ready to save a life
  • I’m hanging out with you from now on, just to be safe. Congratulations on your CPR cert, @_______


  • Hi @____ thank you for donating. Your gift will make a big difference.
  • As a @RedCross volunteer, I can’t thank you enough for donating today.


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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection