Break the Ice in a Cool Way

An important start to the year for clubs and districts is introducing everyone and getting comfortable with each other. A great way to do this is “Ice-Breakers.” Here’s some of the favorite Ice-Breakers from the clubs I’ve been involved with.


  1. Machinery: Separate the group into equal teams. Each team has to work together for 2 minutes and 30 seconds to physically create a machine, for example a vacuum, car, toaster, etc. using their body parts and no props. One person per team will not be part of the physical building, but instead they will be trying to guess what the item is because they will be the only one who doesn’t know. The winning team is chosen by the person who choses correctly first. An administrator or game facilitator is suggested.
  2. Two Truths and One Lie: Each person first introduces himself/herself to the other entire group. Then, that person states two truths and one lie about himself/herself. The group has to guess which one of the statements is the lie, then, the person who guesses the lie correctly gets to give the group their two truths and one lie. The game continues until time is over or everyone has gone.
  3. Laugh Line: Everyone is split up into two teams, and the stand facing each other in two lines. One person from Team A walks down the line and people from Team B try to make him/her laugh. If the Team A member laughs he/she goings Team B. You alternate team until one team has all the people.
  4. Wa Master: everyone gathers around in a circle and one person is the Wa Master. The master does a slicing motion with both hands to someone and that person has to do the same to another. Each person next to the Wa master has to do the same except to the master. Any one to slow at any part of it loses. Play until only a few are left.
  5. Tug of War: divide into two teams and try to pull the other across a middle line with a rope.
  6. Baby I love you: You get in a circle and one person is left in the middle of the circle. Your objective as the person in the middle is to exchange with someone in the circle by making them smile or laugh using the line “Baby I love you, will you please smile for me?” and any funny action or accent or whatever it takes to make the person smile or laugh. Your objective as a person in the circle is to not laugh or smile and respond with the line “Baby I love you, but I cannot smile for you.” Anyone who smiles or laughs is out, continuing until one person wins.
  7. Red Cross Discussion: have a group discussion about a current world event or disaster has occurred, how the Red Cross is involved in it, and your opinions on it.
  8. Foot Game: Split everyone up into about 4 even groups. Have everyone either link arms or hold hands. Nothing but people’s feet may be touching the group. The leader will then ask each group to go on less feet. So for example, if there was four people per group the leader would ask them to start on 8 feet, then more to 7, then 6, etc. until only one group is left able to stand.
  9. Evolution Rock Paper Scissors: The purpose of this game is for people to start off as an egg then evolve to a dinosaur. To go from an egg to a chicen, you must win a game of paper scissors against another egg. Once a chicken, you must battle another chicken to become a bear. Once a bear, you must battle another bear to become a dinosaur. This continues until everyone is dinosaurs. If one loses a game of rock paper scissors, they de-evolve back to the previous state. During the entire game each person must act like their evolution status, until they become a dinosaur and can separate for the others to finish playing.



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