Best Practices For Exciting Blood Drives

Imagine, you went back-to-school shopping, you’re anticipating all your new classes, and you are beginning to plan your Red Cross blood drives for this coming school year. Your plan is to make these the most exciting blood drives your school has ever seen, but how?

First, you need to start early, giving AT LEAST 10 weeks to set a date, time, site, and goal! It would also be best if you create a recruitment team to help you plan your blood drive. Once you have the basics set with your local Red Cross, you now have the opportunity to rally your school around a mission to save lives!

One way to make an exciting blood drive is to give it a theme. In 2009, the American Red Cross teamed with CW Network and Alloy Media + Marketing for “Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood” rallied around ‘The Vampire Diaries’ T.V. show. A similar theme (a holiday theme, a movie theme, ect.) excites and connects your student body for an important cause. Another exciting blood drive idea is a rivalry drive. If your school has a big rivalry with another team in (football, basketball, ect.) you can use this as a motivator for your drive! Work with the opposing school and make a competition. Who can collect the most blood before the big game? Now everyone at school wants to win and is talking about YOUR blood drive.

Now, don’t imagine, create the most exciting blood drives your school has ever seen!

~Taylor Waters
NYC member

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