School is Back and so is Your Club!

Summer’s winding down and you’re getting ready for school again, but don’t forget about your Red Cross club!  Here are some tips and best practices that I have learned over the years with my Red Cross club in high school and college.

Reserve your club meeting spaces!

  • This needs to be done so you can have a date, time, place on your fliers when you recruit new members.

Delegate and start on tasks now!

  • Your cabinet/ officers/ e-board (or whatever you call them) needs to start planning blood drives, events, fundraisers, socials now!  Don’t wait until the time comes and everything has to be rushed!


  • This is the most crucial first step at the beginning of each school year
  • Sign up for club days or recruitment days and make sure your table is fully staffed the whole time to help fellow students with questions
  • Have some form of information flier!  Put a short blurb about the Red Cross and what your club does as well as the first meeting information so they can learn more about your club!
  • Polydots/ postcards are a great way to print these promotional fliers on!
  • Use Social Media! Facebook events cover photos, profile pics, twitter, etc…
  • School resources like morning announcements and bulletin boards are an easy way to advertise

Start the year off right!

  • Make the first meeting fun! Interest the new members in future events and opportunities.
  • Don’t bore them with a long presentation, Be Engaging! Be Excited!

I hope these tips and reminders come in handy!  If you need any help with your club this year, just shoot me, Jeffrey Su, American Red Cross National Youth Council member, an email at [email protected].

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