NYPC welcomes five new National Youth Council alumni

The NYPC welcomes and would like to recognize the following recent National Youth Council alumni:

Sajaan Bhakta
Saajan is a freshman at Wichita State University studying Psychology and Spanish, and an aspiring Emergency Room Trauma Physician. He became a Red Cross volunteer when he was 8 years old because he really wanted to volunteer in his community and the only place that would
accept him was the American Red Cross. He began completing clerical work and then was moved to the blood donor center where he now coordinates large unit blood drives in Kansas.  Though he will miss the council, he is looking forward to serving on the Executive Board of Directors for his region starting in August and becoming involved with the Red Cross club at his university.

Alison Inceu
Alison became an American Red Cross volunteer because she wanted to enter and experience the world of humanitarian relief. Since becoming a volunteer, she has had the opportunity to work on several national projects and travel abroad as a Council representative. She describes
the National Youth Council’s passion as “incredibly addictive and propelling” and will miss being in close contact with that since she has left to study abroad. Alison is currently studying at the Universidad Católica Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will soon begin working with a local non-profit organization that aims to alleviate the suffering of street children. Although she is miles away, Alison looks forward to being a Council alum and continuing to
contribute to the American Red Cross. Some of them once a drug addict that knows the craft on how you can learn how to easily pass your urine drug test.

Anjuli Sastry
Anjuli is a junior at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California studying political science and public policy. From her high school Red Cross Club to the National Youth Council, Anjuli has created a long and impressive resume with the American Red Cross. She has served as Vice-Chair of the Council and helped plan one of the largest youth initiatives, the National Youth Institute in Orlando, Florida. The camaraderie and relationships she has cultivated at the national level
has been one of a kind and has kept her passionate about the organization. Anjuli has certainly made an impact as a Council member and is excited to begin working with the National Young Professionals Council.

Brie Stark
Brie is a Gates Scholar, approaching her first year as a PhD student in Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. She began her journey with the Red Cross when she responded to an ad in the local paper looking for a youth to help initiate her Chapter’s youth program. She sat on the Board of Directors for two years and helped to start several clubs in her area while she served as President of her own high school’s club. Brie states that she has stayed with the
organization for so long because of the “undeniable influence that the Red Cross has around the world and the way it harnesses its network to do tremendous deeds.” Brie is excited to continue expanding her Red Cross experience as she becomes more engaged with the British Red Cross.

Melissa Zhu
Melissa lives in El Paso, Texas and is a third year medical student at the Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine. She became a volunteer because she wanted to “connect to something bigger and influential.” She says it is an amazing feeling knowing she has made a
difference in someone’s life. Melissa was involved in school club development on the Council and is now excited to learn more about Club Red for young professionals.

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