New Tech Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club is an extremely active club at New Tech High @ Coppell  that responds to disasters that occur on a local and global level. Since the club began in 2010, its membership has almost tripled, and continues to help raise awareness in the community about crucial issues. Over the past two years, Red Cross has partnered and volunteered with several other organizations including the Dallas Children’s Advocacy and the “Measles Initiative”. In addition, the club hosts 3 successful blood drives during the school year and partnered with the City of Coppell in Texas this past July to host another drive. New Tech Red Cross has huge plans for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year and plans to not only partner again with past service organizations, but to reach out even further into the community and world. The successes of the New Tech Red Cross Club are making a big changes in the global community, but the dedication of the few individuals who started this club is what truly let this organization spark. All Red Cross Clubs around the country can impact the world like the New Tech Red Cross; it only takes a handful of passionate individuals wanting to make a difference in the world.

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