Red Cross Youth Volunteer Raises $36,000 through Rock Concert

Max McCallister is 17 years old and is a youth volunteer with the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Red Cross. Recently Max and his team held a youth-led rock concert called “RedRock KC” to buy a new first aid vehicle for the American Red Cross Kansas City Chapter American Red Cross Kansas City Chapter.

The event was held at a renowned outdoor venue in downtown Kansas City and featured two national college bands (The Lonely Biscuits and She’s A Keeper), a battle of the high school bands, and was emceed by DJ Steve Serrano of local radio station Mix 93.3.

Max was inspired to create this event because the 21 year old Kansas city Red Cross vehicle was “dilapidated, subject to breakdowns, and would not have been usable after this year.” Given that the vehicle is a great publicity tool for the Red Cross and provides emergency first aid to over 1,000 people at roughly forty-five public events each year, Max knew the Red Cross would not be able to function as well without it.

The National Youth Council would like to send a big congratulation to Max and his team of Kansas high school students who raised near $36,000!


An interview with Max:

1. Did the goal of raising $36,000 ever seem difficult or impossible to you?

Max: When I first began work on the project, the idea of raising tens of thousands of dollars seemed very strange and impossible to me. However, I felt confident that with our early support from a few foundations and our persistence, we could achieve our monetary goals. I had faith that a lot of kids would want to come to the show, especially since it was for a good cause and put on by high school kids they might know. I also found it incredible how many companies stepped up to contribute to or partner with us in our effort.

2. Do you have any advise for other youth interested in fundraising?

Max: A great place to start when working on a fundraiser is to use personal, family, or business connections to gain firm footing early on in your effort. Then, other businesses, individuals, and students will see who has contributed or been involved, and they will be more likely to do the same. The most important tip I have to offer, though, is to be 100 % committed to your cause. Come up with a mantra that you and your committee will use throughout the process to stay motivated and keep the end in sight. Ours was “all in.”


– Siena Oberman, American Red Cross National Youth Council; [email protected]

The Executive Committee looks on at their rockin’ concert!

The concert is in full-swing.

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