Interview with Red Cross Disaster Volunteer Reflecting on 911

Ever wondered what it was like to be a Red Cross disaster responded in 911? Watch this video that one of our National Youth Council Members, Siena Oberman, created below.



“This morning I woke up early to do homework, but instead found my mind puzzled by how to handle the date of today. In response I wanted to share some rough footage of a documentary

I am creating for the Red Cross because it helped me realize that today all I can do is be extra friendly and offer that anyone can talk to me if they need to because I have no clue how many many people there are around me who will be mourning the day due to their connection to 911. I just threw it together as fast as I could before class, so forgive my poor sound and edit, but I hope this uplifting story helps you all too. Never forget.

“I was volunteering as an emergency response vehicle at the world trade center at 911. Every day we would take our materials from the wear houses and distribute them to the wear houses at ground zero. Every single day we would return, every single day, there was a group of people thanking the Red Cross for what they were doing. Every single day, rain or shine, they were out there thanking the Red Cross for what they were doing, when we were there to help them. At the time I hadn’t thought about.. the return. I wanted to help. And to go out there and be the person that I wanted to give the help, and instead, be there, and have someone there to support me. To say we see you, we thank you, and we acknowledge you, that was a big eye open for me. It was really, I get why people do what they do with the Red Cross. I think the Red Cross quickly became the provider of the tools that people needed to continue to recover. Rather than treating a person like a victim I think the Red Cross said here are the tools you need, they empowered people. And I think that’s what people really needed: to know what they could do in a situation that was so chaotic.” Fransisca Huerra

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