Young Connecticut Volunteers Support Red Cross Hurricane Relief

Youth Supports Red Cross Hurricane Relief

Budding New Canaan, Connecticut entrepreneur, Bradford Benton, four years old, had a concept to attract customers to his lemonade stand by highlighting his collection of (fake) snakes to passersby, then offering them a glass of lemonade for 25 cents. Bradford is not only a natural at marketing strategy, but a generous guy as well, donating his earnings of $11.00 to the Red Cross. Bradford is fascinated by hurricanes, and was glad to know about our Connecticut volunteers deployed to the Gulf States to help in the wake of Hurricane Isaac in late August and Early September.

More than 50 local volunteers joined the hundreds of other Red Cross volunteers from across the nation who helped to provide nearly 18,500 shelter stays, serve nearly 587,000 meals and snacks and distribute more than 122,000 bulk supplies, including clean up kits and personal care supplies. Four local Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles were among the more than 100 vehicles deployed across the Gulf Coast.

Major Gift Officer Gerri Goerke accepted Bradford’s donation at the New Canaan Red Cross office. Goerke says that she forwarded to Bradford’s mom information about the new Red Cross Hurricane App for smartphones. She told Gerri that “Bradford and his brother were thrilled” to see the app in action.

Thank you, Bradford, for your wonderful gift. You are certainly a youth philanthropy leader!

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The Ridgebury Elementary School Project Pride program in Ridgefield encourages students in grades four and five to raise money over the summer for a charity. Seven girls from Ridgebury raised $172 by holding a bake and lemonade sale. They chose the American Red Cross as their charity because they were grateful for the help the Red Cross provided in the area during and after Tropical Storm Irene in August and September of 2011.

Participants: Maggie Pell, Katie Sauter, Lauren Thompson, Bella Jureller and Hannah Tomasetti, Addison Brown, and Megan Klosowski. Pictured.
Thanks to these young women who are making a difference in their community!

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