Alumni Spotlight: Ralph Chislett

Ralph Chislett, formed National Youth Council Vice Chair

Ralph started volunteering with the American Red Cross in high school. His father was in the military, so his family moved a lot, and the summer they moved to San Antonio, he began volunteering at the Army hospital across the street. After that summer, Ralph stayed involved with the local chapter’s youth council and eventually was nominated to serve on the chapter’s board. He was a delegate at National Convention for the first time in Phoenix in 2002, and then his chapter’s board nominated him to the National Youth Council (NYC) in 2003. He became the first alternate, good for one year, but then got a call from the current chair offering him a spot that had recently opened up.

Some of the bigger projects Ralph worked on in his first few years on the council included youth on boards and Red Cross clubs. He played a large role in the Measles Initiative and designed a red, polka-dot ribbon pin that the Council sold as a symbol of the epidemic to raise funds for vaccination. He was also instrumental in operational planning and execution for the first National Youth Institute at Convention 2005 in San Francisco. Outside the NYC, he successfully helped start a Red Cross Club at his university after a long battle to get the local chapter involved.

Ralph was elected as Vice Chair of the NYC two years in a row (2005-2007). In this role, he represented the NYC at the Board of Governors meetings and took on other great projects like the digital strategy and the formation of the youth website ( He had oversight of the coordination of two separate National Youth Institutes on opposite coasts occurring within weeks of each other. Despite having separate teams on each institute (including local volunteers), his goal was to maintain a consistent experience for participants of both.

His final project for the NYC included helping the predecessor establish the National Young Professionals Council, and facilitating that group’s first official meeting at Convention 2008 in Baltimore. Upon leaving, he joined the Service Area Council for SA4 as a subject-matter expert for youth and young adults. That three-year term ended after one year as the national structure of the ARC was reorganized and the Service Areas were dissolved.

Ralph developed many great relationships during his four years on the National Youth Council which he maintains today. He says the single, most memorable experience was participating in the Measles Initiative Global Partners conference: “Seeing five great organizations come together to discuss the huge reductions in global childhood mortality rates as a result of a simple vaccination was very humbling.”

Ralph currently lives in Dallas, Texas and works for Apple where he manages business development events for our B2B segment. He loves running (but only in the outdoors), cooking, traveling, and being around friends.

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