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Starting Your Own Red Cross Club!


We’re super excited that you want to start a club at your school! Here we’ve outlined some steps that we hope you’ll find useful as you set up your club. High school clubs have a slightly different set of instructions from college clubs, so pay attention to that as you read ahead.


How to start a High School Red Cross Club


The first step in setting up a successful high school club is to gather a few other people to be a part of your core team. Once you have your group ready to go, talk to a teacher (or two!) about being a sponsor for the club. Their responsibilities will include helping you with administrative rules and other logistics at your individual school as well as all the Red Cross duties you will undertake. Ideally, it’s good to work with a teacher who has experience/is familiar with the Red Cross so that it’ll be easier to get projects from the beginning to have your club start by hitting the ground running!


Then, you’ll want to talk to your local Red Cross Chapter so that you can set up a liaison and make sure your club meets the requirements set in place by your Chapter.

Once you’ve finished all that, get approval from your school and follow any and all procedures required of student organizations there! Remember to stay in contact with your Red Cross Chapter liaison and contact them with any questions you may have.


Now your club is ready to go! Be sure to check out and our activity guides for ideas and activities to get your club started.


For information on starting a club, Click here.


How to start a College Red Cross Club


The first step to forming a successful college club is to brainstorm ideas and a vision for what you would like your club to do on your campus. It’s best to do this with a core group of at least three other people so that work can be evenly divided. Find the local Red Cross Chapter in your college’s area and be sure to talk to someone who will eventually become your Club’s liaison. This Chapter contact will tell you all that you need to know regarding the Red Cross expectations for your club and will provide you with resources to help you get started in terms of activities you can do on campus.


Once you have all that taken care of, follow your university’s procedures for starting a club on campus. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines and have any and all documents in place, especially to take advantage of any kind of student organization funding that might be available to you.


Now your club is ready to go! Hold your first meeting on campus to disseminate information and recruit members.  Be sure to check out and our activity guides for ideas on activities that your club can host on campus.


You can also join the National Collegiate Assembly and join the next Connect Call to hear about what other college clubs are doing on their campus .


For more information on starting a club, Click here.


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