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How to keep your club alive after your leadership team graduates?


Hello fellow Red Crossers!  The semester is coming to a close and that means that some clubs are probably handing over leadership or just preparing to start up in the new year.  I think that all of us have experienced a struggle in restarting a club after all of the older leadership members leave, but we can prevent that!  Keeping your club alive during a leadership transition is easy if you start early enough!

The key to keeping a club alive during leadership transition is to make sure the new leaders have been adequately prepared to take over before the actual transition.  Leadership members should hold elections for the new officers about a month before the school year ends.  When they have figured out the new officers, it’s time to start shadowing!  Show the new officers what it’s like to go through planning of events and include them on executive decisions.  Create a binder, or instruction kit, so that they have something to fall back on when you’re no longer around.  Have them do trials of running the meetings when you’re still there, so that you can give further advice on how they’re doing.  Preparing the new leadership team before the actual transition will definitely help when the old team graduates.

If you’ve already transitioned without being trained beforehand, it’s okay!  You can still keep your club alive as long as you put some effort into it! Create some social events so that the club will get to know the leadership team better, and create leadership socials, just for officers, so that you can learn to rely and trust each other.  And lastly, once the club feels closer to each other through social events, start planning a big Red Cross event each month, to keep members excited about the club and engaged.  Club members will continue to show up to meetings if they know that there is an event coming up.  I hope this gives you some insight in to how to better deal with transitioning periods in clubs.  Good luck!


Sarah White, NYC member

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