Easy Event Ideas

Easy Event Ideas

Now that you have had your first few club meetings, figuring out what type of projects you can do is incredibly important. This not only shapes the tone for future meetings, but also drives interest for members to attend meetings regularly.

Here are a few different projects that YOU can plan, along with more information about each. Make sure to check out our list of activity guides here.


Prepare and Share Kit Drive: A Kit Drive activity in which essential preparedness items are collected, assembled in a pack and delivered to those who need it most.

Fire Safety Canvassing: Distribute lifesaving fire safety information to residents in your neighborhood.

Disaster Speaks: A powerful school-based event that gives students the opportunity to personalize disaster.

Preparedness Week: A five-day campaign that aims to motivate students to take action in preparing themselves and their peers in case of a disaster!

Hosting a Blood Drive: An event that gives community members the opportunity to donate blood with the American Red Cross.

Tweets to Thank: A competition between digital advocates where members of your group will use Twitter to thank blood donors.

Iron Rich Feast: A community dinner hosted in the days leading up to a blood drive.

Change for Change: A coin drive fundraising competition that engages your group with elementary school students to raise money for the American Red Cross.

Helping Hands: A service-based group fundraising event that allows community members to utilize your group to perform various outdoor tasks.

Ready Relay: A fundraising activity where teams of participants compete against one another to complete a series of mission-related tasks.

As always, the American Red Cross National Youth Council, and the people that we work with are always here to assist young volunteers. Always feel free to reach out to us on our website, RedCrossYouth.Org, which is updated weekly with new posts and ideas that are related to Red Cross youth.

Each member of the council has had experience working with clubs, so please feel free to reach out to the one closest to you. I can also be reached directly at [email protected]. It is always a pleasure to hear form volunteers across the nation.


Written by Mohit Jain, NYC Member

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