Gaining Visibility

So, you have club. You have had an awesome first meeting. People are starting to join your club. You’re doing great! Now it is time to gain visibility on campus!

Gaining visibility on campus is important to get more members and to make your already amazing events even better. Visibility is important for previously existing clubs too, for campus is always changing!

From my experience starting a club, I think there are four fantastic things you can do to gain visibility on campus.

  1. Physical Material: Make posters, handouts, cards, anything someone can quickly see or grab to get information! Campus is usually a very busy place, so the quicker you can give the information the better! Use the American Red Cross logo available at and use large letters to grab attention. The more clear and concise, the better!
  2. Table-ing:  Hold an informational table on campus and at various events! It is a great way to get people to see you on campus, it is easy, and is also a great way to distribute information or even fundraise!
  3. Resources: I cannot stress enough, resources, resources, resources! Use what is available to you on your campus, your local chapter, and community! A lot of campuses and chapters alike have newsletters, lists of e-mails, websites, ect.  that you can utilize to bring visibility to your club. Use what you have at your fingertips!
  4. Social Media: When you send a mass e-mail, if you get a lot of response, it is a beautiful day! However, clubs get huge response on social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social networking sites.  You can advertise events, invite friends, have friends invite friends, share pictures, and gain a lot of visibility from the people on your campus. We are on social media all the time, so it the easiest ways to reach the masses that are on your campus.

There are many other fantastic ways to gains visibility, but in my experience, these are flawless. These tips are also easy to follow! For example, you can make a poster, hand it out at a table event, have your community and chapter help you, and post it on Facebook.

People on campus see you and the American Red Cross now. You are ready for business!


Written by Taylor Waters, NYC Member

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