Nominate an Everyday Hero!

The National Youth Council is now accepting nominations of outstanding young volunteers who show that you are never too young to make a difference in their local or global community with the American Red Cross.

Nominators are asked to submit a 1-2 minute video highlighting the young person in their local community who they consider a “Red Cross Hero.” Selected Heroes will be featured on the Red Cross Youth Website, as well as in YouthWire, plus they will receive some Red Cross swag in the mail!

The nominee’s achievements must demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Service to one’s local, national or global community
  • Effort in creating innovative solutions to community needs
  • Leadership of an exceptional service or advocacy activity


How to submit your nomination:

Please submit nominations to

Along with the video, please include the following in your email:

  • The name of the nominated youth
  • The nominated youth’s email address
  • A brief description of why the “hero” deserves the award, and their Red Cross background
  • Nominator’s name and contact information for your Red Cross unit.

Video Instructions:

    • The video must feature the nominated youth, explaining what he/she has done in to serve their community.
    • The video can be the youth talking about their experiences, it can be a mix of video and pictures, or it can be a slideshow!  The video is supposed to highlight the youth and how they are an “everyday hero” in their community, but the youth nominated can get creative on how to submit it!
    • If you are an advisor and want to nominate a youth, the youth must be featured, but you are more than welcome to send us a story about this youth that we can share with the video as well!
    • Please double check sound/visual quality of the video before submitting it.
    • Below is a sample video, but feel free to get creative!

Deadline for nominations is Thursday, February 28th, 2013 5 p.m. EST.


Some FAQ:

Who is allowed to nominate youth?
Anyone can nominate a youth, even peers or themselves!  If you are nominating yourself or a peer, we still need to check that you are affiliated with a chapter, and will therefore need the name of your chapter, the name of the person at the chapter with whom you are connected, and their email address.
What does the video consist of?
The video should highlight the nominated youth.  It should be about 1-2 minutes, where the youth explain what they have done in their community to be considered a “Red Cross hero.”  It can be a video of the youth talking about their volunteer experiences, it can be a mix of video and pictures, or it can be a slideshow!  It just needs to highlight the youth and tell about why they are an “everyday hero,” but the youth can be creative about how they would like to submit their video!
When are submissions due?
Submissions are due on February 28th, at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.
When will the youth know that they have been selected?
We are planning on featuring the youth videos throughout March, so they will get an email within the first week of March to let them know when their video will be released onto
What does the nominated youth receive in return for submitting a video?
The Red Cross youth that get picked to be featured as an “everyday hero” will have their video posted, as well as our monthly newsletter, YouthWire.  At the end of March, they will also be asked to provide a mailing address, where we will send them some free Red Cross products!

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