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Brian was recently featured in the latest Ironman yearbook, which documents each of the dozen Ironman races that are hosted throughout the nation. In August, Brian completed the Ironman New York City. It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment considering just 8 years ago, Brian was involved in a near fatal car accident that caused catastrophic injuries. He lost 60% of his blood and after being in a medically induced coma on life support for 2 months, he had to re-learn how to how to talk, eat, stand, walk, and then swim, bike, and run. Three years after leaving the Intensive Care Unit, he completed the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.  His story of survival and determination is inspiring, but Brian knows that without the generosity of blood donors it may have had a different ending.  For the past 5 years, he’s been sharing his story as a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. Brian is helping to increase the awareness of the crucial need for blood, hosting blood drives and inspiring others to make a difference. Brian is a true example of an “everyday hero.”

What are you doing in your community to be an “Everyday Hero”?

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You can read more about Brian’s story here: http://www.redcross.org/news/article/Putting-a-Face-on-Blood-Donations


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