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It gives me great pleasure to introduce Melissa Zaleski, a Red Crosser from State College, PA in Division 6. Melissa, a college junior, joined the Penn State Student Red Cross Club her freshman year and has been a leader in her club ever since. Melissa credits her club’s involvement in blood services as the main thing that attracted her to the club. Melissa and Penn State are now an active part of the National Collegiate Assembly and Melissa is the National Collegiate Officer (NCO) for her division.


“I joined freshman year, and the club was extremely involved with Blood Services. That was our primary area of focus, and we have several donor campaigns annually, one in the winter and one in the spring” Melissa said.  The club hosts as many as five blood drives in a week and sometimes even two in a day during these campaigns.


Where is she now? Melissa plays the role of the health and safety officer for the Penn State Red Cross Club and is the National Collegiate Officer (NCO) for her division.


“I wanted to work with kids, we got into that, and I was able to become a CPR instructor, assistant the next year, it has been one of the best decisions of my life.”  This year she is the health and safety officer.


As for her position as an NCO, all she had to say was “I love it.” At first she was hesitant, but once she realized what it was and how exciting it was, she fell in love with position.


The Penn State Red Cross Club currently has 60-70 active members, but they have done a lot of recruiting for the spring semester. They have a focus on their blood campaigns.


Please join me in honoring Melissa Zaleski for her commitment to the American Red Cross!


by Mohit Jain


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