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Nathaniel Mattison is the President of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Red Cross club His club has a special focus on first aid and blood drives, and is starting to look into disaster. This last semester, they had the homecoming blood drive, which is the biggest blood drive (record setting) that the university has ever had. It was the best homecoming blood drive in five years, and they have had two blood drives this semester. As far as first aid goes, they are involved with Special Olympics, Husker Athletics, and other events related to concerts. Their club currently has thirty members.

A signature event that Nathan has led is called the “haunted armory” where they decorate the armory with scary decorations, and have veterans walk through the house. In the middle they will have different activities. Nathan said that it was a great way to engage with the community and carry forward our notion of service with the Red Cross to other members.

Nathan is the President of the club, this is the fourth year in the club. Biggest thing lately has been recruitment, and a lot of the members are seniors, so they wanted to get more people to join the club. He started on the first aid team, liked it and stuck with it. From there, he was first aid chair and worked his way up to president. As president he is focusing on recruitment and blood drives.

His favorite thing about the Red Cross Club is the opportunity to reach out and get involved with helping people. He said that, “everything that we do as volunteering, directly impacts people, and that’s really the greatest thing I try to keep in mind when they do things.”


Written by Mohit Jain

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