Fort Bragg Red Cross Club Visits State Veterans Home

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On April 13, 2013 the Fort Bragg ARC Youth Club visited the North Carolina State Veterans Home in Fayetteville.  An annual event, the youth had a great time assisting the veterans as they played Bingo by listening to the numbers as they were called out and to help mark the cards if the veterans missed a number.  Two of the youth actually called the numbers and they had to shout so all could hear! The veteran’s won fifty cents for a Bingo and they were happy to win. The youth visited with the veterans as they played Bingo and the veterans were touched that the youth took time out of their weekend to come visit.

The youth were very patient and helpful. As we were leaving some of the veterans and family members came up to the youth and thanked them. They chatted about old school rivalries and commiserated about alumni. Many of the youth were moved by the visit and many asked to visit again. These will be treasured memories for the Fort Bragg ARC Youth Club.

Keep up the great work Fort Bragg ARC Youth Club!

Submitted by Jeannette SalcedoAssistant Station ManagerService to the Armed Forces, Fort Bragg, NC





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