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On the National Youth Council, we all have many reasons that make us proud to be volunteers. Below are some quotes from members of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, with how they got involved and reasons why they are proud to volunteer and represent the American Red Cross.

The National Celebrity Cabinet was developed in 2002 to help the Red Cross highlight important initiatives and response efforts. The award-winning combination of well-respected actors, musical artists, television personalities, athletes and other public figures are “on-call” to help the Red Cross by donating their time, skills, passion and energy for a one-year term when it’s needed most. Sherry Lansing, former chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Group, Paramount Pictures and former member of the Red Cross Board of Governors, is chair of this year’s Celebrity Cabinet, marking her ninth year as chair.

Country singer Trace Adkins tells his story: “when my home was claimed by fire last year, the Red Cross was among the first on-site. They looked after my family when I couldn’t be there and offered to help in any way they could. We were fortunate because we only lost ‘things’ that could be replaced. That’s not the case for every victim of disaster and that’s when the Red Cross steps in. From personal experience, I am supporting the Red Cross and their work to unite families and aid in times of need.”

 Actor and martial arts master Jackie Chan explains, “when I was a young schoolboy at the Beijing Opera Academy in Hong Kong, I was very poor and yearned for some of the most basic things in life. My fellow students were in similar need and it was at this time that a representative from the Red Cross arrived, bringing us supplies. My classmates and I were so grateful and touched and I vowed to always remember this generosity. When I asked what I could do to repay the Red Cross, the representative told me that the best way would be to pass on the kindness in the future if I were ever able to. I never forgot his words and as soon as I could, I established the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and have been working for charitable causes for nearly 20 years. I will forever be indebted to the Red Cross for the comfort they provided to me when I was a child and I am honored to be a Red Cross Cabinet member.”

The country group Rascal Flats joined because “the terrorist invasion of September 11th brought a renewed awaking to American citizens the importance of banding together as a nation. It gives us great pleasure to be able to work with a wonderful organization like the American Red Cross because of what it provides to this country-and around the world.”

Supermodel Heidi Klum explains “the Red Cross is a volunteer driven organization that provides humanitarian help to those in need. It is an honor for me to participate in their celebrity cabinet and encourage all individuals to become involved with their local Red Cross.”

MVP Superbowl Football quarterback Peyton Manning says, “I’m happy to volunteer for the American Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet. The Red Cross is an organization that responds to those in need and it is an honor to help them with the lifesaving role they play everyday in communities nationwide.”

Dr. Phil explains, “I saw firsthand the efforts of the Red Cross immediately after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. This was surely the worst U.S. disaster they’d ever had to respond to. I saw the Red Cross in Houston and Dallas, working around the clock for days and weeks. Imagine what these survivors went through – one day they were going about their lives and normal routines, and the next day all they had were the clothes on their back and a borrowed cot to sleep on. That’s a very lonely feeling and these Red Cross volunteers were literally their anchors in the storm, offering the emotional support that was needed. They were there not just to provide food and shelter, but a sense of family and comfort when these displaced people needed it the most, when they had no idea where their actual family members were. I am proud to be associated with such a caring organization. “No” is not in their vocabulary. Instead, their first response is always: ‘Where do you need me?'”

NBC Anchor Nancy O’Dell says, “when I was asked in 2001 to join the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, I was deeply honored. Especially in light of the tragedies of September 11, I was moved to get involved with a national organization that for so long has done so much good. I began my career as a broadcast television anchor/reporter in Charleston, S.C. It was there that I saw firsthand the commitment of the Red Cross to family and community during the recovery from Hurricane Hugo. Later, as an anchor for NBC in Miami, I played witness to the revitalization of Florida following Hurricane Andrew. In covering both disasters, I was amazed at the efforts of the Red Cross and all of its volunteers. The organization works tirelessly to help those affected by tragedy…not only in the first few days following an event, but also for years after. It is with pride that I continue my volunteer service on their National Celebrity Cabinet. To be able to contribute to the many efforts of the American Red Cross and to encourage others to volunteer is my duty.”

Raven-Symone says, “the Red Cross is an amazing organization who’s efforts have helped many. I am honored to be a Celebrity Cabinet Member. This organization is inspiring, and I want to help put band-aids on the wounds of those in need.”

What makes you proud to be a volunteer?



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