Navin Narayan Scholarship Winner Announced

Congratulations to Suraj Jaipalli, our 2013 Navin Narayan Scholarship Winner!
Suraj has participated in the Swim-A- Cross Plus event, was the Blood Cup Winner, and was the 2012 Youth Volunteer of the Year at the Washtenaw-Lenawee chapter. He has been a volunteer for many years and has proven his capabalities in Preparedness, Blood, and Fundraising.
Stephanie Boles, from the Washtenaw-Lenawee chapter, says of Suraj, “Suraj has an honest passion for our mission and he is willing to whatever he is tasked with to support the work of the American Red Cross.”
Suraj currently serves as President of his Red Cross Club at Ann Arbor Huron High School in Michigan, and he even has already been accepted as Board Member for the University of Michigan Red Cross Club.
Suraj is an incredible student, and his scholarly accomplishments reflect that. He is also a Track and Field athlete.
Suraj says, “I feel I am not only spreading hope by lending a helping hand but also receiving the blessings from everyone whom I’ve helped through the ARC. I have learned that I am not one, but part of a whole.”
We commend Suraj for his hard work with the Washtenaw-Lenawee chapter, and we look forward to what he will do with the University of Michigan Red Cross Club!


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Volunteer Connection