Oklahoma Update and other Disaster Aid

The American Red Cross is continuing to help those in Oklahoma impacted by last week’s devastating tornadoes as well as smaller flooding and wildfires.

In Oklahoma the Red Cross continues to work with federal, state, and local officials to help people recover with refuge, food, emotional support, relief suplies, and other health care services. Main areas of aid include Moore and Shawnee communities. Over 880 Red Cross workers are located to resolve the disaster, as well as prepare others in case another disaster comes. Still nearly 400 people stayed overnight Monday in Oklahoma shelters. About 45 emergency response vehicles are traveling the area to distribute over 27,000 relief supplies including food, pet food, batteries, sunscreen, coolers, buckets, gloves, dust masks, trash bags, flashlights, tarps, shovels, rakes, and warm blankets. The Southern Baptist Convention has collaborated with the Red Cross to provide over 170,000 meals and snacks. Medical Reserve Corps has worked with the Red Cross health and mental health services to make over 5,000 contacts, crisis counseling, spiritual support, first aid, and other services. Red Cross caseworkers are working in funeral assistance, family reunification, emergency needs, and planning their recovery.

Flooding has occured in Texas, Iowa, and Alaska, causing the Red Cross to respond in aiding forced evacuations by opening shelters near San Antonio and Butler County, Iowa. The Santa Barbara wildfire has burner over 1,000 acres and there is a shelter open for residents and campers who were forced to evacuate.

So how can you be prepared? More severe weather is predicted, and the Red Cross is ready to respond but there as somethings you can do. Download the free Red Cross Tornado App to stay informed. It includes high-pitched siren and tornado warning alerts. Over 167,000 people have downloaded the app just this month! It is available at the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store for Android.

Want to help? Text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation that will help provide food, shelter, and support to those affected by disasters.

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