Colorado Wildfires Update

Wildfires continue to burn in Colorado, destroying everything in their path and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes to escape the flames. The American Red Cross is providing shelter, food, relief items and comfort to those affected.

More than 230 people sought refuge from the fires in Red Cross shelters Thursday night. The Red Cross is also present at the El Paso County Disaster Assistance Center, where trained Red Cross caseworkers are meeting one-on-one with people to distribute relief supplies and offer other support, as well as provide preparedness and evacuation information for individuals who have not yet had to leave their homes. The Red Cross has additional volunteers, supplies and shelters on standby in case additional fires occur or additional evacuations are ordered. Since the fires started, the Red Cross has operated shelters, distributed more than 670 comfort kits and helped provide more than 2,300 meals and snacks.

According to officials, the Black Forest Fire in El Paso County and Royal Gorge Fire in Fremont County have destroyed hundreds of homes and thousands have had to evacuate. Dry winds are expected to keep the fire danger elevated in the region today.

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