Augusta Youth Board Raises $26,000 in 4 Weeks

Kiss a Pig_AugustaThe Augusta Red Cross Youth Board took on a big challenge. They went up against many teams of young professionals to compete to raise the most money for the American Red Cross HEROES campaign. The hard part was that they only had a month!


The Youth Board worked extremely hard for all four weeks, coming up with creative ways to raise money.  They raised money within their schools by having a “Kiss a Pig” contest. They nominated several teachers for the contest and students were to pick which they wanted to kiss a pig. Students voted by donating money to whichever teacher they wanted to win. The students had a great time with this, and they were very successful with raising money!


Though the Youth Board did several events like “Kiss a Pig” for exposure, the majority of the money came from direct asks.  The Youth Board contacted hundreds of people and asked if they wanted to donate to the American Red Cross.


Because of their hard work, the Augusta group ended up beating all of the adult teams in the campaign and raised over half of the total: $26,000!


Way to go, Augusta!



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