Activity Guides in Action: Disaster Speaks

IMG_6765In June, the Red Cross of Western Pennsylvania launched a new fire safety campaign. Red Cross youth volunteers had the opportunity to take important fire safety information and make it fun and easy for kids in the community to remember. They decided to use the Disaster Speaks Activity Guide and picked Red Cross stories about families who had survived a house fire. Then, they made houses out of cardboard boxes and craft supplies as a visual way of sharing the stories and teaching the community to better be prepared for not only fires, but other disasters.

While parents were learning Be Red Cross Ready information and important steps to be better prepared, the kids were also learning the information through interactive activities like Disaster Speaks and a fire safety obstacle course –  all created by Red Cross youth volunteers!

You can incorporate the youth Activity Guides into existing events like this one or use them on their own! They are a great resource to help you spread the Red Cross message to your community!


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