NYC Member Makes Blood Donation After 3 Years

IMG_1140When I was in high school, I was really excited to donate blood for the first time. Not only did I get to skip one of my classes to go donate, but I knew that with a little time on my end, I was able to save 3 people. And that was my motivation for donating.

I continued to donate throughout the end of high school, and planned on doing so when I went to college. However, my diet changed when I moved to college and my iron levels were too low to be able to donate. Every time I saw a blood drive sign, I went in knowing that I most likely would not be able to donate. However, I kept trying every time, only to have my finger pricked and told I would not be able to donate that day.

A few weeks ago, I made plans to go in to donate. In the few days leading up to donation, I changed what I was eating to make sure I was getting a lot of iron.  I was so nervous waiting to see what my iron level was, but literally jumped in my chair when I saw that I was prepared to donate.

Finally after 3 years, I was able to save lives again.

Summer is a particularly challenging time to ensure a sufficient supply of blood and platelets is available for patients. Many regular donors become busy with summer activities and are unable to make giving blood a priority. Those who are able to fit blood or platelet donation into their schedules can be lifesavers for patients in need.  Sign up for an appointment or find your local Red Cross blood services center here!

~ Sarah White

National Youth Council Member

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