Participate in the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge


Collegiate Red Cross Clubs are encouraged to participate in the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge. The Chavez Challenge is the Migrant Student Foundation’s National Health Service Learning Initiative to reach Hispanic/Latino college students to promote, health education, health & service careers, civic engagement and saving lives.  The Chavez Challenge blood drives will run during the months of March and April, in honor of Cesar E. Chavez’s birthday, which is March 31st, also known as a day of community service. Student leader roles are open until they are filled on each campus.


If your Club is interested in participating in the Chavez Challenge, please email [email protected], include the location of the Red Cross Club, along with the name of the College/University, address with zip code along with a point of contact and phone number.


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  1. Glen Galindo says:

    $1000 Scholarships available for either individuals or Red Cross chapters; Must finish in the Top 50 nationwide in order to be eligible

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Volunteer Connection