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Check out our Everyday Hero winners!

Thank you for submitting your entries for our Everyday Hero contest. We are so energized by the stories about all the outstanding Red Cross youth volunteers across the country! We received many submissions, but would like to give special mention to one outstanding club, the Louisville Chapter Club Council! We will feature other submissions from the Everyday Heroes Campaign here on redcrossyouth.org throughout March, so stay tuned.

For now, let’s see why the Louisville Chapter Club Council is our Everyday Heroes winner!

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Louisville Chapter Club Council:


Mock Shelter 2013

What is a hero? Are there eligibility requirements for someone to become a hero? What does a hero do? Joseph Campbell answered these questions best in a simple statement, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Anyone can be a hero; there are no age or height requirements involved. The only qualification is a commitment and dedication to volunteerism and service to others in need. Members of the American Red Cross Louisville Area Chapter Club Council exhibit these qualities and have a desire to do more to help in their community even though they are only 12-17 years old. Throughout the year these youth participate in service projects and activities volunteering more than 564 hours collectively since 2013 and 333.5 hours individually.

They have volunteered at numerous blood drives working in the food section and as escorts for donors. At one of the largest annual blood drives—Donorama which is held in December—they took pictures with donors holding dry erase boards explaining why they give blood.


Whales Tales Presentation 2013

Pillowcase Project January 2014

Pillowcase Project January 2014

Over the year the youth volunteers with the Chapter Club Council have done many Red Cross sponsored presentations such as Restoring Family Links in which they spoke to refugees about how the Red Cross could work to help them get in contact with their immediate family members in other countries. In January of this year they presented the Pillowcase Project to students at a local elementary school teaching them about types of disasters, how to prepare for a disaster, who they could depend on for help if a disaster were to occur, and they ended by giving the students decorated pillowcases with some materials that would be useful to them including a glow stick and first aid kit. During the summer of 2013 they lead a presentation for children at a daycare center about water safe and making sure they are in a safe and supervised environment whenever they go out swimming or to play in water.

These youth are very involved and dedicated to volunteering in their community. All throughout the year they have participated in a multitude of activities furthering the mission of the American Red Cross in their own unique ways. Based on the quote by Joseph Campbell one must agree that the members of the American Red Cross Louisville Are Chapter Club Council are truly heroes and they prove that anyone can make a difference and help in their community at any age.


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