Navin Narayan Scholarship Announcement


Congratulations to our 2014 Navin Narayan Scholarship Winner – Waverley He! Waverley is a senior at Mountainview High School, in Vancouver, Washington. She’ll be attending Harvard this Fall and remains excited to continue her Red Cross escapades while in college.


Not only is Waverley is a stellar student academically, but she is extremely altruistic, donating her time to multiple Red Cross services, as well as participating in Key Club activities and volunteering at her local hospital. Waverley has won multiple awards honoring her academic and community service achievements, and the Navin Narayan Scholarship is one way that the Red Cross is able to thank Waverley for her immense service to this organization!


This $1000 scholarship will help her continue her Red Cross involvement, as well as provide outreach to future Navin Narayan scholarship winners. Just as Navin Narayan did, Waverley exudes a commitment to community service and a passion for helping others. We are so excited to see what she will continue to do for the American Red Cross as she continues writing her Red Cross story!


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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection