National Youth Council Says Goodbye to Outgoing Members


On behalf of the entire National Youth Council, I would like to thank all of our members who are rotating off at the end of the fiscal year. Sarah White, Jeffrey Su, Eli Russ, Hanna Malak and Todd James have all been an integral part of moving the Council forward.

Sarah White, a senior at UC Berkely, has served the Council in a capacity above and beyond the average volunteer. She has been heavily involved in growing the Council’s outreach through her involvement in the Communications working group, which she served as the Leader for the last few years. and YouthWire have grown so much because of your help and leadership, and all your input, feedback and advice to Council projects has made the Council more productive. Best of luck and thank you for everything!

Jeffrey Su, a master’s candidate at USC, has served the Council for the last three years, assisting with so many projects and working on piloting his own program. His passion for preparedness, involving youth in Red Cross services and a general desire to help others will be missed. Best of luck to you and thank you for everything!

Eli Russ, a freshman at Muhlenberg College, has been the Council’s disaster service’s expert for the last three years. Eli is a great example of why age doesn’t matter. He joined the Council as a junior in high school, and his invaluable input, especially on all matters related to disaster services, has proved that youth can lead effectively. Eli has worked on so many different aspects of the Council’s work—including the Facebook group for all Red Cross youth, the YouTube channel and more! We will miss you so much—thank you for everything and best of luck as you journey through college!

Hanna Malak started his Council journey as a member, served as Vice Chair, and most recently, led in a Junior Advisor capacity. He has been instrumental to the Council’s growth over the last three years and continues his Red Cross journey as an employee of the Red Cross, working as the Account Manager for the Blood Region in the San Francisco Area. Thank you for all your ideas, perspectives, creativity and advice over the last three years. Best of luck and thank you for everything!

Todd James served the Council as an Advisor over the last year. Although it was only a year, it seems like it has been longer and we thank you for your helpful thoughts, leadership and role in the Council’s activities. You’ve helped with professional development and added some great insight into our projects. We will miss you but we thank you for everything for the last year! Best of luck in your future endeavors!

We cannot thank you enough for your service, dedication and passion to the Red Cross and we wish you all the best in the future!

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