Meet Kyle Kurtz

imageFor Kyle Kurtz, volunteering with the Red Cross ran in his blood.  Fourteen years ago in Parkersburg West Virginia, his grandparents, who are very active volunteers with the Red Cross, guided him into becoming more involved with his local chapter.  In doing so, this changed his life and helped nurture his passion for the Red Cross.  He began volunteering as much as he could in his free time throughout high school, despite his school not having a club.  Upon arriving to Marshall University his Freshman year of college, he joined his college club as soon as he heard of it.  After being a club member for 3 months, he was promoted to an officer position, held the Vice-President position, and is now acting President of Marshall University’s Red Cross Club.

Since being at Marshall University, he has made strides in improving his college club, as he has helped to increase membership, increase the Red Cross mission and presence on his college campus, and help to re-organize his college club.

He has also stood out for his participation in the Crossroads Division of the National Collegiate Assembly.

When asked why he has and continues to volunteer for the Red Cross, he responded, “My reasons for joining the American Red Cross are simple.  I enjoy working with people and helping give back to the community as well as helping those in need.  It has been a very rewarding experience.”

Keep up the good work Kyle!

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