Club Fair Recruitment Tips!

Club fairs are amazing opportunities to reach out to prospective members and explain to them why joining an American Red Cross Club is a great idea. Whether your Red Cross Club is new or has been around for years, here are some tips for making the most out of your booth at a club fair.

  1. Be visible! Banners and poster boards are both effective ways to let people know who you are and are more likely to spark someone’s interest to walk over to your table. Make sure that if you are utilizing the Red Cross logo, it follows the national brand standards (You can find Red Cross logos at
  2. Be friendly! Members stationed at your booth should always greet prospective members with a firm handshake and a welcoming attitude. Preparing a 30-second elevator pitch about your club is helpful for people who may not know about the American Red Cross, so you can briefly discuss general aspects of the American Red Cross, past projects, and member commitments.
  3. Be memorable! Preparing flyers to give to prospective members who stop by your booth is likely to help people remember your club. On this flyer, you can include information from your 30-second pitch, the date and time of the first meeting, and a way for prospective members to contact the club if they have more questions.
  4. Follow up! It is critical to have a sign-up sheet for prospective members to provide their name and your club’s preferred method of contact information so that you can reach out to them when the first meeting rolls around. If you do not have a date and time for the first meeting at the club fair, reach out to the interested members and let them know when the first meeting will be while also reiterating the positive benefits of joining.

Best of luck for a great year!

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