Ways to Welcome New Club Members!

When clubs are having their first meetings at the beginning of the school year, it is important to focus on the creation of a positive club community! By providing opportunities for new members to socialize and make friends within the club, clubs are more likely to retain members throughout the entirety of the school year. Here are some fun ways to get new club members excited about the upcoming school year!

Welcoming New Members at Meetings: Encourage new members to be involved!

  • Icebreakers at the beginning of club meetings help new members learn names while also getting to know more about other members’ hobbies, interests, and activities
  • Set up a survey with the question of “Why did you join [your school’s name] American Red Cross Club?” and share the responses at an upcoming meeting
  • Offer new members the opportunity to contribute project ideas, and encourage them to be creative
  • For members interested in pursuing a leadership position in the future, offer a mentorship program for new members to be paired with current club leaders for a look into how the club is led
  • If new members are not already on a club’s email list, make sure to add them so that they can be aware of club meetings and events
  • Also, make sure that new members are aware of/added to the club’s social media outlets

Socializing: Create friendships with new members outside of meetings!

  • Grab some food before/after meetings at a nearby causal restaurant
  • Have a Red Cross trivia night with questions about Red Cross history and Red Cross-themed prizes
  • Plan a social outing, such as a movie night or a pizza party
  • Go to a school event together, such as a football game or a theater production


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