Fire takes something every day. It takes security. It takes a lifetime of cherished memories. It takes the household items we all need to live.

To support home fire survivors across the country, the American Red Cross launched a new social media campaign today called #GiveWhatFireTakes, in conjunction with the Home Fire Campaign.

This campaign promotes and raises awareness about the relief and the tangible items the Red Cross provides after a fire, whether it’s a shelter, casework and financial assistance; clothing, or even just a blanket.

Donors nationwide have the opportunity to support Red Cross relief efforts by making a donation to support families after a home fire. #GiveWhatFireTakes could turn generosity today into tangible items tomorrow for those in need across the country.

There are two ways to donate, catering to those who can rally others to join the cause or create ambitious goals, and to those who can generously donate directly to help give what fire takes.

SET GOALS AND FUNDRAISE WITH CROWDRISE Whether you form a team or fundraise as an individual, Crowdrise puts you on the front lines of fundraising for home fire prevention and recovery. We even helped provide easy goals to help fundraise through your networks. Which option would you choose?:

1. Help provide blankets to those who need them: team or individual to set personal goal.

2. Help us install 2 smoke detectors for those who need them: team or individual to set personal goal.

3. Help provide clothing and shoes: team or individual goal of $100 each.

4. Help support a family: team or individual goal of $550 each.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN AMOUNT A new donation page on redcross.org allows you to choose a support amount based on how much you can give. Donation levels represent a range of items the Red Cross typically provides after a fire:

– $10 could provide 2 blankets.

– $30 could help install 2 smoke detectors.

– $100 could provide clothes/shoes.

– $550 could provide financial assistance for one family.

When a fire takes a home, it takes everything. For every amount you raise, the Red Cross is able to provide not only recovery items for home fire survivors, but also critical fire safety training and smoke alarm installations to help prevent deaths and injuries.

Visit our Crowdrise campaign page, make a direct donation on redcross.org and share what moved you to join the campaign on social media with #GiveWhatFireTakes.

Article from redcross.org.

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