#StopDropandRoll: Youth Project from Silicon Valley

The youth volunteers of the Silicon Valley American Red Cross Chapter have created an awesome initiative to promote fire safety and preparedness through social media! Youth volunteers have been posting videos of them performing “Stop-Drop-Roll” to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the caption “Watch me #stopdrollandroll for the #redcross. I’m tagging [ ] and [ ] to show us how they stop, drop, and roll within the next 48 hours or donate $10 to the Red Cross! #thisishowiroll” By incorporating social media in their project, the youth of Silicon Valley are hoping to engage with youth volunteers from a variety of Red Cross chapters and spread national awareness for the importance of being prepared for a fire. The National Youth Council is planning to post #stopdropandroll videos soon, and we want to see how Red Cross youth volunteers from across the country #stopdropandroll! For more information, check out this video:

Thanks to the youth volunteers of Silicon Valley for creating this amazing initiative!

If you want to highlight a project from your Red Cross chapter, email [email protected]!

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