IHL Action Campaign Update

Bradley University, IHLAC 14, Debriefing with freshmen (6)Forty-one teams from high schools and colleges across the country participated in this year’s IHL Action Campaign. The IHL Action Campaign is a chance for young people to teach their peers about the importance of international humanitarian law (IHL), which strives to limit the effects of armed conflict and protects civilians and others who are not participating in the fighting. In order to do this, this year IHL Action Campaign teams created interactive projects that connected IHL to the topics of refugees and gender. Their Campaigns ranged from videos and skits to simulations and art displays, reaching nearly 54,000 people in total — 18,000 were reached in-person and an additional 36,000 were directly reached online.


IHL 16

You can read about this year’s teams on the IHL blog: http://humanityinwarblog.com/. 

For more information on the IHL Action Campaign in general, including how you can become involved in next year’s campaign, visit: http://www.redcross.org/rulesofwar/international-humanitarian-law-for-young-people or email [email protected].

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Volunteer Connection