Work with meaning – my Red Cross internship



In 2005 and 2008, I saw two heartbreaking earthquakes occur in Pakistan and I’ll never forget them. Though I wasn’t directly impacted, I was there to experience communities come together in partnership with organizations such as the Red Crescent Society (that’s what the Red Cross is called in Pakistan) and the United Nations, to help those in need. Seeing action after tragedy inspired me to get more involved in local my local community.  Because of my great passion for humanitarian missions, I was thrilled to be selected as an intern for the Consumer Fundraising Team at the American Red Cross in Washington, DC.

I’m in the middle of my internship now and I’m learning so much. From sitting in on direct response strategy meetings, to brainstorming fundraising tactics that will inspire my peers – everything is quite exciting. I’ve also been able to attend Intern Program Events where we hear inspiring stories from Red Cross employees and learn professional development skills to help us further our careers once our internships are complete. I have gained so much knowledge in the past few weeks and have a better understanding of how a nonprofit organization works and how dedicated the workers and volunteers are to their profession.

I’m thrilled about the insights I’ve learned so far, and it’s fascinating to see how the organization implements creative strategies that help move the mission forward.

I started doing volunteer community service and ended up at such a wonderful place with an incredible mission. I really look forward to learning even more and making the most out of my internship. All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer this year!


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