Are You Passionate about Developing Young Humanitarians? Here is HELP

International Humanitarian Law Youth Leadership Summit 2014


Have you ever wondered how other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world are educating young people about humanitarian issues? The Humanitarian Education Learning Portal (HELP), created by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Cross Societies (IFRC) in July 2014, allows Red Cross youth, volunteers, and educators to learn about interactive projects and initiatives created by different national societies worldwide. These projects and initiatives are geared towards helping youth understand situations from a humanitarian perspective and empowering them to act in accordance with the 7 Fundamental Principles. Each project available on the platform is accompanied by a brief description, along with contact information for the coordinator of the project and the website where further details can be found. There are two platforms within HELP through which users can search for these projects: a world map where viewers can click on a particular country to learn about their activities, and a discussion forum where program coordinators can post their projects and receive feedback from other users.

HELP is a user-friendly platform for Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to share their best humanitarian education projects and initiatives. Through sharing this information, societies can receive feedback and borrow best practices in order to develop a multitude of creative projects that successfully educate their youth communities about humanitarianism. HELP aims to increase the flow of information between different societies, helping to connect them to the larger movement.

HELP is a great resource if you would like creative project ideas for your youth program or would just like to learn more about the activities of other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. If your Red Cross chapter has developed a project that you think should be posted on this portal, please contact Yenisleidy Simon Mengana at [email protected]

You can create a free account here to join the HELP community.


Photo caption: IHL Action Campaign, an American Red Cross youth education program, teaches youth about International Humanitarian Law. Here students share their campaign on the topic of child soldiers.

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