National Youth Involvement Month (NYIM)

The National Youth Council has been excitedly counting down the days until November (also known as Red Cross National Youth Involvement Month), and it’s finally just around the corner!

What is National Youth Involvement Month (NYIM)?

NYIM is a national American Red Cross initiative that aims to bolster creativity and participation from Red Cross youth volunteers. It is a month dedicated to celebrating youth involvement, especially by shining a spotlight on excellent youth activities and by hosting youth events. The National Youth Council leads the creative process behind NYIM each year, and this year, they created the NYIM theme of Superheroes Pay It Forward (#SPIF). Since we think all Red Cross youth volunteers are superheroes, we encourage clubs to incorporate this theme into events during NYIM. Remember, not all heroes wear capes!

NYIM Recognition 2

In 2014, the American Red Cross at UCLA volunteered at Santa Monica for the ‪#‎HolidayMailforHeroes‬ Signing Party

Why Participate?

  • National Youth Involvement Month is an incredible opportunity for clubs across the country to showcase their unique projects and ideas on a national scale.
  • By sharing your projects, your club members have the opportunity to have projects recreated by other clubs across the country.
  • In addition, all Red Cross Clubs participating in NYIM will receive recognition by the National Youth Council across on communications mediums, including:


In 2014, University of Michigan Red Cross volunteers installed 24 fire alarms in two days, fundraised and blood battled Ohio State

In 2014, University of Michigan Red Cross volunteers installed 24 fire alarms in two days, fundraised and blood battled Ohio State

 Are You Ready to Get Involved?

  1. Register for NYIM to let the National Youth Council know that you are getting involved.
  2. Throughout the month of November, we’ll be putting up posters on The American Red Cross Youth Facebook Group with ideas for activities that you and your club can do relating to the Red Cross spheres of service: International Services, Blood Services, Disaster Preparedness, Health and Safety, and Service to the Armed Forces. Plan a project that highlights youth volunteers supporting a Red Cross sphere of service. You can also check out our Activity Guides page for additional ideas.
  3. After completing your project, share your impact on The American Red Cross Youth Facebook Group and send a summary and photos of your project to Don’t forget to tag #SPIF and #NYIM so the National Youth Council can see what great work you are doing!

Now check out these throwback photos from NYIM 2014 and NYIM 2013 to get ideas for this year and to get excited!

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