Volunteering and Impacting the World

The Red Cross is found not only in the United States of America, but also in many of the countries around the world. Where there are people, there will always be a constant need for help and volunteers.

Personally, being able to venture out into the world and experience a rich diversity in culture was one of the most eye opening opportunities I have ever been granted. Recently, I traveled into the rural areas of the Carpathian Alps in Romania, Europe in order to offer my services to the local Romanian people.

I had never realized how in need some villages were for basic necessities: medicine, clothes, or cooking oil. Being able to volunteer as a youth member for the Romanian “Curcea Rosie” (Red Cross) opened up my eyes to the reality of the world. Regardless of race or skin color, every individual undergoes the same human struggles.


As we made the long trek to remote villages, I realized why many individuals living in rural areas lacked basic necessities. We carried relief items in our heavy supplies-laden backpacks, and as we arrived to the village center, we were greeted with warm welcomes and open arms not only into the cities, but also their homes and hearts.

Bringing these experiences back to the US allowed me to share my newfound interests of working with people one-on-one. It became apparent to me that we are not alone in our mission to address human suffering, and that there are strong-willed, kind-hearted people around the world.

When you get a chance to, work with the people in your specific community. The US is a melting pot of cultures, and volunteering in your community firsthand is a great way to experience the world, even if you can’t travel beyond the confines of your city. Help others and learn as much as possible through your experiences in order to spread your passion to the next volunteer following in your footsteps.

– Eugen Cotei, National Youth Council Facebook Liaison

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