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HELP Yourself and Others: Share Humanitarian Education Projects Worldwide!

Join the humanitarian movement through the Humanitarian Education Learning Platform (HELP). HELP is a way for you to connect with humanitarian educators around the world, view projects that have proven effective at teaching humanitarian ideals, and upload your own projects to a global audience.

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How do I get involved?

With HELP, you can gain access to numerous projects that help youth understand the world from a humanitarian perspective and empower them to act on their humanitarian skills, following the 7 Fundamental Principles. You can search for projects by country, topic, or scroll through the discussion forum where program coordinators can post their projects to receive feedback from other users.

Watch the recorded event – featuring staff and volunteers from the American Red Cross, IFRC, and Swedish Red Cross – for more information about how HELP works. Or click here to join the HELP community by creating a free account. Be a part of the effort to educate your peers today in order to solve tomorrow’s challenges!

What’s next for humanitarian education?

HELP is part of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ larger initiative to make humanitarian education a priority. This December, all 189 societies will come together with state representatives to discuss this and other goals at the 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in Geneva.

A side event will focus specifically on humanitarian education in order to: (1) Share ways of conducting humanitarian education across the 189 societies, (2) Discuss the Red Cross vision with governments and partner together to raise humanitarian education efforts by, among other things, signing a pledge, and (3) Attract attention to the movement in order to encourage the current and next generation of young humanitarians to build and act on their humanitarian knowledge.

I have ideas! What now?

Already have a great humanitarian education project? Contact Yenisleidy Simon Mengana at [email protected] for details about posting it on HELP to share with Red Crossers around the world.

Visit the 32nd International Conference’s webpage dedicated to youth engagement to see how you can share your passion for humanitarian education and take the conference beyond Geneva’s city limits.

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