How to Stay Involved With the Red Cross during the Holiday Season

Between finals, breaks, and the holiday season, December can be a crazy month. How can you stay involved with the Red Cross as well as with everything else happening at the same time?

For ideas on how to volunteer with the Red Cross and to stay connected to your club, check out our activity guides, which offer simple opportunities for you and your club to give back. One of the most seasonal events to organize during the holiday season is Holiday Mail for Heroes, where you write letters to veterans and thank them for their service to our country.  You can even turn this into a social event providing a movie, snacks, and supplies to make holiday cards.


Change for Change is a fun and easy way to fundraise for the Red Cross. For this activity, individuals and teams within your school or dorm compete to see who can collect the most change in one month.


Artwork for Conflict is another activity you can easily perform during finals season while putting your artistic abilities to use as well. After all, they say drawing provides stress relief! For this activity, your artwork is displayed around your school to raise awareness for the humanitarian issues that result from armed conflict.

At my school, our Red Cross club also hosts study tables where we decide on a time and location to meet up and study for our finals together. This is a great way to bond with your fellow Red Cross members and study at the same time!

I hope these tips help you stay involved during the holiday season!

– Catherine Reilly, Youth Working Group Lead

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